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Annie & Geoff

Almost 10 years ago we were at a crossroads and contemplating over a cup of tea one morning in bed.…what we really wanted to do?  In a serendipitous moment we both said with synchronised timing that…. we really want to help people and to give back to those in need….but how?  By the time we had finished our first pot of tea we had decided to combine our passion of Boxing, Wellness and Business and created what feels like our second baby…….FitClub!

We are so grateful to be living our dream and following our passion, FitClub is not something we do…it embodies who we are.  Our passion for Boxing runs deep and is based on many decades of authentic boxing experience. We truly believe that boxing is extremely beneficial for everyone and such an amazing way to have fun while you keep fit and the perfect way to release stress.  We began our Wellness Journey over 16 years ago when we met our Naturopath who helped us have our baby girl after many years of trying. This ignited our passion for Wellness and our flame only burns brighter with each new day.  What we love about being in Business, is sharing our knowledge and teaching our team how to be successful & create a life they Love!  We are most proud of the friendly and caring culture we have nurtured at FitClub. A place where not only are you welcomed with open arms by our awesome FitClub Team, you are also welcomed by our beautiful members.

Our CBD Studio, is a place where you can take time out for YOU. A place where all your stress slides away as you enter and you float out the door, renewed, re-energised and ready to take on the WORLD again!  We look forward to meeting you in person and helping you Move well, Eat well and Be well so you can perform at your highest level in all areas of your LIFE!



Is to treat you like a long lost family member and welcome you with open arms every time you come into FitClub.

To genuinely care about you and your health and empower you to Live your Best Life Ever!



We are a Fun, Inspiring and Triumphant Community, who are Loyal, Unique and Brave!


What we would never ask you to do:


  • go on a crash diet (they don’t work)
  • take protein drinks out of a packet (most are full of toxic chemicals)
  • Recommend meal replacements (setting yourself up to fail)
  • Take supplements (never sell you supplements to make a quick buck)
  • quick fix (they never work)
  • starve yourself (never works, your body thinks it is starving and holds onto your fat)
  • diet drinks (full of sugar, which turns to fat and you are setting yourself up to fail)
  • have an ego (not welcome at our club)
  • go on a treadmill (boring -go for a run in the great outdoors instead)
  • weigh yourself every morning (heartbreaking & smashes your self esteem)
  • obsess about your weight (makes you feel worthless)
  • count calories (old way of thinking and not part of your wellness journey)
  • measure your food (pain in the butt and not a great lifestyle choice)
  • believe walking will get you to your fittest (good place to start best take it up a notch)
  • think your too old (Life begins at 50)
  • hold you back (You can do more than you think)
  • Believe you cant (nothing is impossible….the word itself says I’M Possible)

We Promise to:


  • believe in you
  • believe you can
  • Know your name
  • Care about you
  • teach you about wellness
  • teach you authentic boxing technique
  • help you to easily transform your lifestyle
  • help you to love keeping fit
  • help you gain strength
  • help you reach your full potential
  • help you gain energy
  • help you feel like you belong
  • help you make FitClub friends
  • help you become the fittest you have ever been
  • help you to challenge yourself & your beliefs
  • help you believe you can do it
  • help you swap in more healthy eating options
  • help you learn what is actually healthy for you
  • Make sure you have Fun
  • Introduce you to other inspirational members
  • Help you Feel stronger
  • Help you Feel Great about yourself
  • Help you Feel more confident
  • Help you Feel more balanced
  • Help you Feel fit
  • Help you Feel Amazing
  • Teach you how to box
  • Provide you with amazing High Intensity Training sessions
  • Keep you motivated by adding lots of variety to your workouts
  • Help you create amazingly tasty wholesome meals
  • Provide an inspiring place to escape the daily grind
  • Help you Find time for yourself
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